Dont break the Cycling Ireland rules

Cycling Ireland recently issued the below reminder to all riders that they are to wear clear rain capes or they are to be in the design of the registered jersey and importantly not obstruct the numbers. Failure to do so is placement in last place in their finishing bunch

This would be a disaster for any rider who has spent the winter training hard to see a result taken away by not having numbers correctly displayed or having a rain cape that is not in the colours of their club.

Unfortunatley its a reality for a large number of club riders as gillets cover numbers and rain capes or gabbas come in 1 block of a colour thus obscuring the club colours and making the commissares job a nightmare.

Fortunatley there is a way around this. Verge produce a gillet that has the area around the numbers cut out so your numbers are always on display and also have the added safety feature that access the rear pockets for food is easy as you do not have to spend extra time pulling up the gillet.

triumph gillet

As regards having rain capes or gabbas in club colours Verge produce the DeFend which is their version of the Gabba but with the added benefit that it can be produced in club colours so it will look exactly like a club jersey. If you look at the below picture of ex national champion Siobhan Horgan it looks like she is being mega hard wearing a jersey in spring time but actually she is wearing a DeFend, not to say she is not mega hard at all!!!!


If you want more info on with of these products please get in touch on as always these items are available to clubs with no minimum orders

Reminder to riders regarding the use of Rain Capes/Gilets in races
Cycling Ireland

Cycling Ireland article 2.14 states:

“14. Rain capes if worn must be transparent or in the design and layout of the registered jersey and must not obscure the riders numbers.”

The above concerns not only the finish of a race but also during a race in order for race officials to be able to identify riders throughout.

Article 5 of the Cycling Ireland scale of penalties indicate that if a riders numbers are missing, unrecognisable or obscured then the penalty for that rider is relegation to last place in their finishing bunch.